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The WebService methods, as presently implemented, are designed with ECDSA object signing to ensure data integrity to and from the wallet application. Every request initiated by the client contains post parameters with the device's public key, a message used for signing and the base64 signature, likewise responses may reflect a signature created by the WS for any key information included in the response object. In both cases the messages signed can be constructed differently, according to nature of task/object or certain data sensitivity within the method.

For example, the method "RespondAddressRequest" signs a message where the message is a hash of the newly created address, and "GetOverviewModel" signs a request count which the WS expects the client to maintain and continually increment upon each request. The wallet application expects the WS public key to be:
{ 146, 17, 90, 20, 206, 41, 255, 170, 171, 24, 82, 234, 70, 248, 115, 63, 247, 55, 93, 61 }

|>WebService endpoints

For most methods, the resulting status of the request is seen in the Transparent XWS event stream, identified with the "NoxPortalWS/V1" endpoint tag. Developers, after registering their public key, may perform all WebService methods used by the wallet. Please refer to this class to observe current WS implementation by the wallet application: BITFIWALLET/NOXWS CLASS